Job Searching Using Social Media - Job Searching Using LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+

Job Searching Using LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+

socialmediaSocial media has become a crucial part of the modern job search. The simple fact is that over 50% of companies now have a presence on social media sites. This number will only grow in the years to come.

As well, companies are not only choosing to be present on social media, but actively recruiting on these platforms and incorporating social media into their hiring process. Social media sites are essentially replacing traditional resumes. These sites have become so popular that anyone who is not on social media is at a disadvantage.

Using social media will add credibility to you as a viable candidate, allowing you to demonstrate to employers that you are tech savvy. But more importantly, it allows you to advertise your brand, creating exposure for your skills and attributes.

Sites such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook have changed the landscape of the job search. Thousands of jobs are now posted through social media sites such as these. There is very little downside to using social media in your job strategy. However, like any job search tool it must be used effectively and appropriately. Take the time to create a thoughtful social media strategy. Below we will outline the basics of some very familiar social media sites, and how best to use them in your job search.

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