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Launched in 2011, another social media site, not nearly as popular as LinkedIn, Twitter or, Facebook, is Google+. This online medium is thought of as Google’s social network and is quickly gaining a following with some 343 million active members.

Google+ is intended to combine all of Google’s peripheral products (Gmail, Google Maps, Google Calendar, etc.) into one cohesive network. With Google+ you create a profile, post messages, upload photos and videos, plus much more.

Google+ is becoming important for job searching and networking, but what makes it different from other social media sites?

One of the biggest differences is that when you connect with someone on Google+ you add them to ‘Circles’, or organized groups of people. In other words, you can choose to make a post, picture, or video public for all to see, or specify the ‘Circle’ of friends or colleagues who you wish to view the content. This is extremely handy when you want to share posts with friends, and keep other content strictly for professional contacts.

Another major difference is that conversation is much more enhanced on Google+. The platform encourages interaction through content sharing, status updates, online and video chats (Hangouts). If you are interested in a post a hiring manager has shared, you can ask them directly about it, or set up a face-to-face chat online.

Make sure to complete your profile as much as possible on Google+. It will be easier for others to find your information online. Also remember to include links in your profile to your other social media sites (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.) This way hiring managers will be able to view your other accounts easily.

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