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hintstips Social Media Tips

Below are some important Social Media Tips to help you stay clear of major pitfalls and assist you in maneuvering the world of online social media. Good luck in your job search!

1. Build Your Brand

Give thought to what you want your brand to be and then make sure it is consistent across different social media platforms. Always keep your profiles updated.

2. Keep It Simple

Join LinkedIn and master this platform before moving on to another social media site. It is better to be effective on one site, than ineffective on a large group of them.

3. Polish Your Online Presence

Even though your LinkedIn profile is professional and complete, an employer may see your Facebook page as well. Make sure to polish your online presence on all sites to remove any inappropriate content. Don’t forget to Google your name to see what comes up.

4. Think Before You Type

Always think before you send out a post or tweet. You don’t know who may read it. Remember tweets can show up in Google searches as well. Treat every post and tweet like your boss is going to read it.

5. Nurture Your Network

Effective networking involves give and take. Always strive to build and nurture your network, even after you’ve found a job. Connect to new people, post interesting articles in groups, and continue sending messages to close contacts. Your network will be there for you next time you need it.

6. Don’t Give Up!

Establishing a strong network takes time. There is no quick fix in using social media in your job search, however, the benefits to you can be enormous. Do a little bit each day and keep at it. Be methodical and determined in your approach. Don’t give up!


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