Job Searching Using Social Media - Step 1: Complete Your Profile


Step 1: Complete Your Profile

Creating a detailed profile on LinkedIn is not only the first step, but also the most important. Begin entering your profile on the main site. Similar to a resume, the content you put in your profile is critical to convey the proper message and image you want others to see. It also ensures that you are found on LinkedIn with information you include about your skills and experience.

Make sure your profile is 100% complete. Update your headline with a catchy, professional phrase. Instead of saying ‘Business Owner’, why not say ‘Entrepreneur and Business Strategist’?

The summary section is extremely important as it is the first section under your headline that employers will see. Use this section to advertise your strongest qualities. What separates you from other candidates?

In your profile include major skills, accomplishments, experiences, education, and any other professional achievements you would include on your resume. Pack your profile with keywords and skills. These can be searched by an employer to find you. Your profile should be constantly updated and reviewed, and ensure it is 100% free of errors, both spelling and grammatical.

Make sure to upload a professional photo with your profile. An up-to-date headshot is recommended with you in business attire. Remember, you want to connect with professional people in your industry. A photo of you on the beach is not appropriate for LinkedIn!

Once you feel confident that your profile is complete, take the time to show it to other people that now you well. What do they think of your profile? Is your profile a good reflection of who you are and the image you want to portray? If you need inspiration in completing your profile, then look at other LinkedIn profiles from industry leaders and those you respect.

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