Job Searching Using Social Media - Step 2: Connect With Others


Step 2: Connect With Others

Now that your profile is complete, it’s time to establish connections with others who also have LinkedIn profiles. You can do this right away, however, it is important to be strategic with your connections. Firstly, start by connecting with family and friends that also have profiles on LinkedIn. Then move on to people you work with, or have worked with at past employers. To save time, LinkedIn allows you to import your address book to add people you know.

Decide on the type of connections you want to pursue. Individuals who share similar industry experience, work skills, or general business interests can all become strong connections. Valuable information can be shared and important networking contacts established with these individuals. If you connect with too many people with little or no similar interests, then you run the risk of receiving message and information that is of little value to you.

When requesting a connection, don’t just use the standard text given. Personalize it with a message of how you know this person, or why you want to connect with them. This will increase your chances of the connection being accepted. Alternatively, don’t accept requests for connections from people that you don’t know, or are outside your business interests. Try to add at least a few connections each week.

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