Job Searching Using Social Media - Step 3: Get Recommendations


Step 3: Get Recommendations

Recommendations are extremely important on LinkedIn. Great recommendations can mean the difference between getting a job or not over somebody else. Similar to good references on a resume, strong recommendations will set you apart from others.

A great recommendation can’t just come from anyone. It needs to be someone who knows you well in a work setting, or can vouch for specific skills and experiences you have stated in your profile. It needs to be somebody you’ve possibly worked with in the past on a project, or in a past job.

A recommendation from someone who doesn’t know you well will end up being ‘He is a great guy!’ for example. This is not the specific comments you want of someone who should be able to vouch for you. An employer will want specifics. Why should they hire you?

The best way to get recommendations from others is to ask for them. Don’t wait for someone to send you a recommendation, as you may wait for a long time. The easiest way to obtain one is to make a personal and polite request. For example, ‘Hi John, remember when we worked on that project together? Would you consider giving me a recommendation based on that project?’ Chances are an individual would be open to responding based on this request. Thank the person if they send you a recommendation. It is the polite and courteous thing to do.

Remember to be careful of requests asking you for recommendations as well. Make sure you know the person and can vouch for their credentials. You will have a greater chance of success on LinkedIn when you ensure that you follow good etiquette in regards to recommendations.

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