Job Searching Using Social Media - Step 5: Job Search


Step 5: Job Search

To effectively use LinkedIn it is necessary to incorporate all of the outlined steps. When it comes to the job search, LinkedIn offers some great features that will directly impact your job search efforts.

Firstly, if you know of a company or organization that you are interested in, simply use the ‘Company Search’ to find it. You will see a company profile, stats, current employees and many other valuable pieces of information.

You can use this search to explore and research people employed at these companies and find contacts to connect with. You will also see related companies that you may have never known existed.

You can also ‘Follow’ companies you want to work for. By doing this you will get company notifications on their updates, including job posts. You can also see which of their employees are on LinkedIn.

An added benefit of this social media site is that in addition to searching for companies and people specifically, you can search for available positions using the ‘Jobs’ tab at the top of the page.

While this feature may seem similar to other large job search sites such as, a huge advantage of LinkedIn is its networking capability. In addition to specific jobs listings, you will also see anyone who you are connected with at those companies.

If you aren’t connected with anyone directly, it is possible to see if any of your contacts are connected with someone at the company. This feature is invaluable for your job search!

The key to job searching on LinkedIn is to be proactive. Take charge of your job search and establish relationships based on a clear and logical direction.

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