Job Searching Using Social Media - Step 6: Maintain Your Network


Step 6: Maintain Your Network

To use LinkedIn effectively, it is crucial to maintain your network even after you have found a job. Networking is about give and take. Reinforcing the relationships you have established, along with reaching out to others who you could potentially help, is what LinkedIn is all about.

If you have landed a job make sure to update your profile with the new position. Take the time to thank your contacts for their assistance. Pick up the phone, or send a thank you card to those contacts that you felt made a significant difference.

Continue to follow and participate in LinkedIn groups that are of interest to you. People will appreciate your expertise even after you have started your new job.

The most successful professionals know that building and maintaining networks is a long term process. It should never stop when you have a new job, and in fact if you nurture your relationships correctly, they will be there for you in your next job search.

If you can only choose one social media site to use in your job search, then LinkedIn is the one. It will allow you to find better opportunities and grow your business network more effectively than any other site.

Many companies won’t even interview someone without a LinkedIn profile. If you cannot be found online you will be thought of by employers as out of date or not tech-savvy.

If you’re not using LinkedIn, or have a profile but not using it to its full potential, it’s time to get started. Start today and see the huge benefits that can be gained from building a strong network on LinkedIn. A wealth of opportunities awaits you.

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