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Regional Sites

  • Alberta Learning Information Service
  • Emploi Québec
  • JobsPEI
  • Manitoba WorkinfoNET
  • Ontario WorkInfoNET



Alberta Learning Information Service

Alberta Learning Information Service is the provincial gateway to help Albertans achieve career success. It provides information for career planning, post-secondary education and training, educational funding, job search, labour market trends, and workplace issues. Read Full Profile
www.bcjobs.combcjobs is one of British Columbia’s newest recruiting centres, connecting job seekers with prospective employers. This job search and job posting site lets job seekers explore various employment opportunities. Read Full Profile


Emploi Québec

Emploi-Québec offers services for job placement and labour market information, as well as diversified services. These services include job search help, training, apprenticeship, and self-employment. Read Full Profile
www.jobsnorth.cajobsnorth is entirely devoted to job searching in the Northwest Territories focusing on the unique needs of job seekers and employers. Read Full Profile



JobsPEI is a free online registry for individuals seeking work in Prince Edward Island. Using this service you can add your résumé to their database, making it available to PEI recruiters searching for qualified candidates. Read Full Profile is a powerful labour market tool that provides one-stop access to the latest and most complete set of employment and career information resources available in the Newfoundland and Labrador. Read Full Profile


Manitoba WorkinfoNET

Manitoba WorkinfoNET helps Manitobans quickly find the information they are looking for in three easy to understand categories. They are: Employment, Career Planning and Learning. Read Full Profile


Ontario WorkInfoNET

Ontario WorkInfoNet (OnWIN) is a bilingual website that provides links to over 2,000 websites specializing in Ontario-based employment and career information. Read Full Profile

SaskJobs provides a variety of tools and resources to assist people looking to find a new job, make a change in careers or market their skills and abilities to prospective employers. Read Full Profile


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