Finding Your Perfect Job - Step 2: Take Inventory of Your Skills

Step 2: Take Inventory of Your Skills

This step could easily have been incorporated in the job strategy step above. However, taking inventory of your skills is of such great importance to the job search that it needs greater clarification. If we relate this concept to marketing once again – let’s say you are selling a car. If you are unclear as to the benefits or features of the car, or the reasons why someone should buy the car, then why would anybody purchase it? The point is – if you don’t know what you’re selling, how are you supposed to sell it! This holds true for the job search as well. An employer wants to know what features or benefits (i.e. skills) you have to offer. They will not search for these answers. It must be clear and concise. That is why taking an inventory of your skills is so important.

What are some of the skills that you have to offer an employer? For each individual it will be different. However, these skills are made up of both academic qualifications and personal attributes. It is interesting to note that for many employers personal skills, such as oral communication skills, leadership skills, computer skills, and being adaptable in the workplace, are considered to be just as important, or in some cases more important than your academic degree or diploma that you obtained. What does this mean for you the job seeker? Make sure to sell your personal skills as actively as your academic background.

Listed below are some of the more common personal skills that employers consider important. There are many others, however, this is a good starting point. Look through the list and try to come up with experiences in the past that have allowed you to gain some of these valuable skills.

Adaptable Analytical
Artistic Computer Proficiency
Confident Creative
Decision Making Dependable
Efficient Flexible
Innovative Interpersonal
Leadership Logical
Manual Dexterity Negotiation
Numeracy (Math) Oral Communication
Plan/Organize Positive Attitude
Problem Solving Responsible
Team Player Writing Skills


Dig deep into your past, come up with a few examples for each skill, and then choose the ones you feel best about. Which of the ones listed best describe you as a person? Include skills such as these on your resume in addition to your academic achievements. Your resume will be a much better snapshot of who you are, and will give an employer a more concise picture of your strengths and accomplishments.

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