Finding Your Perfect Job - Step 3: Network to Create Opportunities

Step 3: Network to Create Opportunities

Networking is something we do on a regular basis on Facebook for example, but we don’t use it nearly enough in the job search to benefit from its enormous potential. In many cases, networking can be the best strategy to a successful job search.

In essence, networking is an ongoing process to establish and maintain a rapport or relationship with individuals in your field. It is not a short-term process, but its long-term effects can be dramatic as unforeseen opportunities can arise in areas you never thought possible. The key to networking is to connect, online and in-person, with as many people as possible who could lead you to potential opportunities.

Make sure to be sincere with people, and show a genuine interest in the industry and people’s personal experiences. Most individuals can tell very easily when you are using them to just get information. Remember, your approach is the most important aspect of networking. Be polite and courteous, and realize there are no quick fixes to finding a job using this process. However, the more people that know you’re looking for work, the greater the chance you’ll find employment through one of these contacts.

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