Finding Your Perfect Job - Step 7: Winning the Interview

Step 7: Winning the Interview

For a lot of people, the interview is the most daunting and intimidating part of the job search process. Your chances of landing a position within the company all depend on their impression of you. What will you do? Fortunately, there is hope! A little preparation before the interview goes a long way.

Once the interview has been arranged, you should do some in-depth research on the company. Find out its main products or services, types of customers, principal locations, size, parent company, rank in the industry. These are just some important points to consider. The more you can find out the better. If possible, speak to someone at the firm before the interview. This insight could be invaluable. Before the interview make sure that you know everything on your resume, and can expand on any points that are listed on it. The interviewer will most likely refer to it many times during the interview to ask questions. 

Depending on how many interviews you have attended in the past, it’s a good idea to try some role-playing, so that you gain confidence and feel a bit more at ease. With a trusted individual, act out a full interview trying to make it as realistic as possible. The more you practice the better you will become when the real one occurs. 

For the interview itself there are a few tips to follow. First and foremost, be on time! Nothing will jeopardize your chances more than to show up late. Allow yourself lots of extra time in case of unforeseen circumstances and make sure to dress professionally for the interview. Bring a pen along with a notepad, and carry a briefcase or a professional folder containing extra copies of your resume.

When you meet your interviewer smile and extend your hand for a firm handshake. During the interview, try to be attentive and relaxed. Answer questions concisely and honestly. There is nothing to fear, the interviewer is on your side. When appropriate, ask questions about the company. When the interview is over turn it into a learning experience. Remember, the first interview is always the hardest. The key factor is to be confident – you can do it!

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