Finding Your Perfect Job - Step 8: Use Social Media in Your Job Search

Step 8: Use Social Media in Your Job Search

Social media is now recognized as a crucial part of the modern job search. Sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn are invaluable in your job search. In a recent study, more than half of companies surveyed have an online presence on social media sites. It is important to be where the companies are!

Looking for a job is largely about networking, and there is no better way to network than through social media. Take the time to learn these sites and utilize them to maximize your job search.

The premiere site for job seekers and hiring managers is LinkedIn. This business professional site can help you network with people in your industry. Spend time creating and perfecting your online presence. It is well worth the effort!

We have only briefly covered social media as we have a more comprehensive QuickLearn Guide - Job Searching Using Social Media to learn the basics of what you need to know.

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