Finding Your Perfect Job - Step 9: Tap Into the Hidden Job Market


Step 9: Tap Into the Hidden Job Market

What is the hidden job market? It is simply when a job opening exists, but hasn’t been advertised yet. This type of situation occurs within a company more often than not, as hiring managers sometimes wait a period of time to see if they can fill the position before launching a full-scale search.

It would be the same situation if your neighbour were looking to find someone to mow the lawn or baby-sit. They would spend some time asking colleagues or friends to recommend a candidate, rather than right away placing an ad on Craigslist for example. It is at this stage that job seekers have the greatest chance of landing the best positions, since there is less competition. However, a large effort also needs to be cultivated at this point.

The best way to find work in the hidden job market is to make lots of contacts within your industry. By networking constantly, you’ll eventually meet someone who’s looking for a person with your skills or who knows of someone else who is. As mentioned previously, joining LinkedIn is a great way to tap into this market.

The most important piece of advice for ‘The Perfect Job Search’ is to remain positive. Show a commitment to your job search and don’t give up! Good Luck!


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