Finding a Summer Job

Finding a Summer Job

Finding a summer job is a 'right of passage' for most young people across the country. We've compiled an easy to use QuickLearn Guide - 10 Steps to Finding a Summer Job to help you in your search!



Step 1: Think About Your Summer Job Options

Step 2: Identify Your Skills & Accomplishments

Step 3: Create a Winning Résumé

Step 4: Write Dynamic Cover Letters

Step 5: Prepare Your References

Step 6: Be Ready to Complete a Job Application

Step 7: Get Ready For the Interview

Step 8: Send a Polite Thank You Note

Step 9: Network Using Social Media

Step 10: Start Looking for Work!












9781896324449QuickLearn Guide - Finding a Summer Job

This QuickLearn Guide is also available in an 8.5 x 11, 4-page, laminated document that can be used in classrooms, worshops and independent study. They are also great to display on the wall. They contain all the information in a simple, easy-to-use resource. To order a hard copy of this QuickLearn Guide click here.





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