Finding a Summer Job - Step 10: Start Looking for Work!

Step 10: Start Looking for Work!

You’ve come a long way! Your resume and cover letter are prepared, you have insight into job interviewing and networking with social media. Now you need to learn where to find work! Jobs can be found from two main sources – advertised jobs and non-advertised jobs. More than  80% of work is found in the hidden job market, which is comprised of non-advertised jobs.

Social media sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ provide a great starting point for non-advertised jobs. Why not look at a company’s Facebook page? Some companies post videos on YouTube. Search for employer information through Google, or check out an industry blog. Make sure to look at The Directory of Careers & Employment in Canada. You can find it at most employment centres and libraries. If they don’t have it, ask for them to get it! You will find a wealth of hidden job market information in this resource.

Remember that searching for a summer job takes time and effort. Start your job search early and don’t be shy about letting everyone you know that you are looking. Be specific about the kinds of jobs you’d like to do. It may get discouraging at times, but eventually your hard work will pay off!

Good Luck!

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