Finding a Summer Job - Step 2: Identify Your Skills & Accomplishments


Step 2: Identify Your Skills & Accomplishments

The second step is to assess the skills you have and identify what you can offer in today’s job market. Take the time to answer the following questions. Write down your replies to help you express your thoughts. Be honest and keep focused on what you want.

• What things am I most interested in?
• What do I like to spend my time doing?
• What topics would I be the most interested in learning more about?
• What are some of my weaknesses?
• What types of jobs could I see myself doing and enjoying?
• What are the specific duties related to those jobs that I would enjoy?
• What abilities do I have that would make me good at those jobs?
• What strengths or knowledge do I need to work on to succeed at those jobs?
• How can I go about developing the required skill sets?
• Are the types of work that interest me in demand now, or will they be soon?

If you answer these questions truthfully and accurately, you are on your way to finding that right summer job! Now you can spend a little bit of time to do some research on occupations that relate to your strengths, and let your interests guide you. You’ll be happier if you find a job you’ll enjoy doing.

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