Finding a Summer Job - Step 7: Get Ready for the Interview

Step 7: Get Ready for the Interview

The job interview is usually the deciding factor in whether or not you are hired. It is essential to be well prepared, to ask relevant questions, and be confident in yourself. Since you already feel you’re the best person for the job it’s your turn to prove it to the employer!

Always be on time. Plan to arrive at least 5-10 minutes prior to the interview. This will tell the employer you are professional and reliable. It will also give you a few extra minutes to finalize your preparations and calm down before the interview. If you know you are going to be late for any reason, it is imperative that you call the employer and let them know; otherwise you will look irresponsible.

Know where you are going. If you are not familiar with the area that your interview will take place, it is usually a good idea to take a trip there the day before so you will be able to plan your route accordingly. This will help you to judge how long the travel time is, and if you are driving, locate available parking. Using tools such as MapQuest at ( or Google Maps ( is a great way to get directions by inputting the exact address.

Eat and be well-rested. These two things are very important in helping you look and feel your best for the big day.

Dress appropriately. Most employers will take note of your appearance at the interview, so it is vital that you dress professionally (no jeans or running shoes unless specified, and limit your makeup and use of perfume/cologne unless needed for the position).

Bring a spare copy of your résumé, cover letter and references page. The employer may not have these with them and may want to make notes right on the pages.

You don’t just want to show up and do okay at the interview – you want to blow their socks off so they’ll hire you! Being prepared will show them that you are not only are you well qualified and credible, but also that you are the best person for the job.

Remember your objective is to be able to describe your skills and achievements in relation to the position you are applying for. In order to accomplish this, you must know as much as you can about the position, the company, and yourself.

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