Chapter 1:  Get Your Mind Set On School Success 

Set Your Goals
 - Decide How Successful You Want To Be In School
 - A Personal Anecdote
 - Set Your Goals Early

 - Know What’s Important To You
 - Put Your Priorities In Order
 - Determine Where Academic Success Fits Into Your Priorities

Do Away With Preconceived Ideas
 - See Yourself As Successful
 - Don’t Believe The Misconception Of The Successful Student
 - Forget About These Three Other Misconceptions


Chapter 2:  Prepare Yourself Before You Head Off To School 

Choose Your Classes
 - Choose Classes That Interest You
 - Do Research Before Signing Up For Courses
 - Create A Balance In Your Class Schedule

Decide Where To Live
 - Dorms Vs. Apartments
 - Choosing A Dorm
 - Choosing An Apartment
 - Choosing A Roommate

Finance Your Education 
 - Calculate Your Cost Of Attendance
 - Analyze Your Financial Situation
 - Decide About Your Financing
 - Scholarships
 - Summer and Part-time Jobs

Chapter 3:  Go To Class Prepared 

Go To Class
 - Classes Are Key To Determining What Course Material Is Most Important
 - Predict Exam Questions
 - Professors And Their Egos

Go To Tutorials
 - An Opportunity For Personal Attention
 - Material Covered In Tutorials May Be On Your Exam
 - Teaching Assistants/Fellows: The Hidden Gem

Be Prepared For Class
 - Bring All Your Supplies To Class
 - Do Your Reading Before Class
 - Be Awake And Alert For Class

Chapter 4:  Take Notes The Right Way 

Class Notes
 - Where To Sit
 - Audibility
 - Visibility
 - Comfort
 - What To Listen For
 - Write Down All The Essentials
 - Use Short Hand
 - Listen For Headings
 - Listen For Summary Points

Textbook Notes
 - Be Up To Date In Your Reading
 - Know What To Read Vs. What to Take Notes On
 - Don’t Get Bogged Down

Taking Notes From Articles
 - The Full Read
 - Divide The Article
 - Evaluate The Article
 - Completing Assignments And Exercises

Chapter 5:  Network 

 - Find A Study Buddy
 - Be Friendly – But Not Too Friendly
 - Don’t Waste Your Time With Study Groups

Older Students
 - Get To Know Older Students
 - Ask Older Students For Help And Advice
 - Don’t Let Older Students Scare You

Professors And Teaching Assistants/Fellows
 - The Division Of Power Between Professors And Teaching
 - Form Good Relations With Professors And Teaching
 - Never Hesitate To Ask Questions
 - Getting Reference Letters From Your Professors

Chapter 6:  Organize Yourself For Exam Time 

Prepare Your Notes For Exam Time
 - Organize Your Notes
 - Get Any Notes You’re Missing
 - Rewrite Your Class Notes In Good Copy

Schedule Yourself For Exam Time
 - The Wrap Around Scheduling System
 - Things To Think About When Setting Up Your Schedule
 - Setting Up Your Schedule

Use Past Exams
 - When To Use Past Exams
 - How To Use Past Exams
 - Things To Look For In Past Exams

Chapter 7:  Use A Study Method

Overview Of A Study Method
 - The Importance Of A Study Method
 - Characteristics Of A Good Study Method
 - Choose A Method And Stick To It

The ICE Method (Issue Condensation for Exam Method)
 - Steps To The ICE Method
 - Why This Method Works So Well
 - The ICE Method Satisfies The Criteria For A Good Study Method

Other Important Tricks To Studying
 - Make Lists And Number The Items On The Lists
 - Acronyms
 - Unload Your Information
 - In The Exam
 - Multiple-Choice Exams
 - Open Book Exams
 - Take Home Exams
 - Answering Essay Questions on Exams
 - Getting Back An Exam

Chapter 8:  Survive Exam Time 

Keep Calm
 - Get Stressed Out Early
 - Relax The Night Before The Exam – Review Your Notes In
    The Morning
 - A Little Bit Of Stress Is Actually A Good Thing

Get Into A Routine During Exam Time
 - No Late Nights Studying
 - Make Sure You Still Have Some Fun
 - Include Study Breaks Every Two Hours

The Scoop On Where to Study
 - Library Evaluation
 - The Right Kind Of People To Study With
 - Get Out Of Your Home
 - The Night Before The Exam
 - The Morning Of The Exam

Chapter 9:  Write Effective Essays 

Preliminary Remarks
 - Start Right Away
 - Make A Timetable For Yourself
 - Categorize The Essay

Method To Essay Writing
 - Topic Choice
 - Researching Your Topic
 - The Seven Steps To Researching
 - Writing Your Paper
 - Introduction
 - The Body
 - Conclusion
 - See Your Professor

Editing Your Paper
 - Reorganizing Your Essay
 - Improving Your Writing Style
 - Getting A Second Editor
 - Footnotes
 - Finishing Touches
 - Summary Of Steps To Writing The Perfect Paper

Chapter 10: Get A Life Outside Of School 

Be Well-Rounded
 - Make Friends
 - Get Involved In Extracurricular And Volunteer Activities
 - Get Great Summer Jobs

Take Care Of Yourself While You’re In School
 - Eat Right
 - Exercise
 - Sleep

Put Things In Perspective
 - There Are Many Second Chances
 - Have Outlets To Relieve Your Stress
 - Compete Only With Yourself

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